Tops Tips for Making Agile less Fragile

Agile support and Agile development are quite intertwined. Agile development lays emphasis on conserving enough time while you are working to pinpoint some errors made during the productions. Agile support requires a simple plan for proper execution and accomplishing goals. The following tips are quite useful when trying to make agile less fragile. Let’s take a look at them:

The top three best practices for making Agile less fragile

1. Plan for Agile Support
A time will inevitably come when your application will fail, what then do you do? This should be the question every manager must have asked himself/herself to be able to cope with this future occurrence. Well, with the inclusion of support as an integral part of your development plan, you are surely planning against tough times, which will surely come one day.
Planning for support at a very early age will surely help you. This is because, as a manager, you always want continuous productivity and improved efficiency that can only happen if there is a concrete plan for support from the onset. Support is nothing but a bottleneck. This means, if Agile support is an integral part of your plan beforehand, you will have no issue to worry about.

2. Never Under-Architect or Over-Architect
One thing everyone who is conversant with Agile development knows quite well is the concept of breaking a project into smaller units. When this happens, it becomes difficult to see the whole projects and this results in challenges in building a significant architecture to scale and work with the end product.

Even if a project manager plans on building the World’s Greatest App Architecture with well-calculated scalability and high focus on easy maintainability, with no infinite project deadlines and budget requirements, at the end of it all, it will be insignificant. Therefore, when architecting your application, take the following points seriously, and you will be glad you did.

• Never dumb things.
• Focus on being consistent
• Always document
• Never reinvent the wheel.

3. Get a Disaster Plan
When things go wrong, many developers tend to sleep in this kind of situation. In other words, they didn’t plan for such things, and they become overwhelmed during this time. So, it is crucial to make plans ahead to deal with this kind of situation.
To make your Agile less fragile to use, you also need to make a detailed disaster plan. With the following tips listed below, you are good to go when such trouble arises;

• Always be ready to reproduce.
• Know where to find your apps.
• Know how to get your data.
• Ensure you have access to the right tools.

Yes, there is no one who would like to plan for failure. We all want to succeed in all we lay our hands on. However, there are sad realities we must embrace to keep going in this life and any business we find ourselves in, and that is, problems would surface one day, there would be challenges to deal with, and so, we must prepare ahead for it as this is inevitable. With some planning, you will be able to keep going during these trying times, and your Agile would surely become less fragile.

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