Tried and Proven Ways to Be Encouraging

Encouragement is an essential tool everyone needs to stay focused and move ahead in life and in whatever situation we find ourselves. But obviously, everybody needs some sort of encouragement in one way or the other. No matter the position you find yourself, if you really want to make impact in peoples’ life, make yourself an encouraging person. Being an encouraging person is one way to directly touch the life of many individual positively.

What are the ways to encourage others?

The following are proven and tested ways to encouraging other people:

• By Eye contact
This is a silent and powerful way of encouraging people just through eye contact and your presence without verbal communication.
When encouraging people with your eyes, they will have a special kind of feeling that you believe in them. With this, they feel supported and that assures them that you really care about them.

• By putting on a simple smile
This is known to be the easiest way to encouraging people. And truly, it doesn’t cost you anything to put on a simple smile. By doing this, you will make many have a wonderful day.
Smiling is another powerful way to encourage others. When you put on a wonderful smile, you will encourage many people and another thing is that you will also feel much better than you are.
But unfortunately, some people smile naturally while for some people it has to be through conscious effort to make them smile.

• By using words
This is one of the most popular used to encourage other people. I believe we all encourage people with our words, consciously or unconsciously.
People can be encouraged by telling them about the kind of person they are, how they are valued and how they really matters. This make them feel motivated and also clear their doubt about negative thoughts concerning them.

• By being there for people
Being there for people is another way to encourage them. Two most important thing that come to play is your presence and attention which is what is needed or will be needed at the moment.
An example of this is a football fan who didn’t only go to watch the football match but also encourage his team by cheering them up. So, note that you don’t only have to be there but also act in an encouraging way too.

• Change your mind set and orientation
To become more encouraging, you need to change your mind set and orientation. There is no way you will ever become encouraging if all people do doesn’t seem to be right according to you. It let you have negative views about things and people.
To overcome this, you need to be positive and always see things from the positive side of view. Then you can be able to encourage and impact people too positively.

In conclusion, it is very easy to be encouraging, all you need to do is to practise the above listed ways to encourage others and you will not only touch people’s life positively but also be a better version of yourself because you give out positive energy which will definitely come back to you.

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