What is lean project management ?

For many years, most organizations have been manufacturing products in advance. Regardless of the production volume, they thought there would be a market for them in the future. The production volume and output was based on sales forecasting and predictions. Therefore, the goods were stocked, in case they were needed in the future.

Why the Certified Lean Project Manager® offers a more cost effective approach

Benefits and outcomes of an enterprise led by a Certified Lean Project Manager®:

1. Use of a pull system instead of the usual push
2. Reduction in the processing time
3. No stocks
4. No waiting time
5. Line balancing

This is the main difference between mass production and lean manufacturing. Mass production is based on sales forecasts while lean manufacturing is based on real customer demand. One advantage of customer demanded production is short goods production time. As a result of their efficiency, lean principles are now also being applied to various other sectors. This includes nonprofit organizations, government departments, and health care. Through the services and goods produced because of lean methods, the industry has achieved optimum use of resources and good quality.

Lean Applications in Product Development
It is important for organizations to manufacture their products quickly and cheaply, especially when there is stiff competition in the market. Through good product development, an organization can develop products that are cheap, good, and accessible to the customers when they need it.
However, it is not product development but manufacturing that has been the focus of lean applications. The few companies that have applied lean methods to product development have achieved significant results. This includes methodologies such as cycle time reduction etc.

In 1998, Paul Adler conducted research proving that conventional product improvement goals, such as reducing the variation, decreasing process bottlenecks, and reducing rework, can reduce the development time by 30% to 50%. To make lean a successful methodology, it has to be incorporated as a way of life, as a routine in the organization. The suppliers and vendors, as well as all other parties in the value chain need to understand lean in order to work as a lean enterprise.

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