What Makes Up a Great Project Management System?

It is no longer news that project management has become an integral part of every layer of today’s business. Irrespective of how the size of the organization is, project management is still crucial to getting things done.

Beware of the Pitfalls

With the advent of technology, every manager is looking out for ways through which the present innovations can be used to get work done simpler than it has been. But as deep this gets, the more confusing it seems to a larger part of the team members. Hence, this article wants to inform us about the basics of project management.
There are three essential questions you should ask when talking about project management.

They are as follow:
• What are your goals?
• Who is part of this project?
• What will make you the most productive?

You cannot even cut corners when it comes to managing projects; there is always a need for a system and tools for managing such a system.

Essential Tenets of Project Management
• Project overview
• Task lists
• Task delegation
• Timelines
• Accountability
• Measurement
• Document sharing
• Communication

Another thing about the project management process is that some categories may be useful while others may not. So, most of the time, the project manager always has these needs.

Everyday Needs of a Project Manager
• A way to list out the work that needs to get done.
• A way to monitor the progress.
• A way to make necessary changes.
• And a way to report progress to completion.

With project management, a delegation of tasks, and the ability to share have been moved from the traditional physical interaction to electronic communication. Take, for example, the use of email; there no need for team members to keep moving up and down the organization to receive information or data; the email does that so conveniently.

The truth is, modern days business builds its transfer of information on email. It is great and interesting, but it has its pitfalls too.

Pitfalls of the Use of Email in Project Management
• Searching for data through inbox may be tasking as this tends to take a great deal of time, sometimes.
• There is no way for managers to oversee projects holistically.
• Emails do not have timelines for other tasks.
• If the desktop is faulty, important emails and documents may go with it.

Another exciting phase that seems like the next phase is project management is the adoption of online collaboration tools. This is the effective integration of social media tools and emails to software interaction. One such is the use of Teambox. Teambox is a software that is fun and simple to use, it is similar to Facebook or Twitter, and so, people find it quite easier to use.

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