What’s Agile Business?

The truth is as simple as if your organization can quickly and responsibly respond to the needs of the customers, then, it is an agile organization. Since, the agility of an organization is always from within such organization. There are four necessary systems within any organization when discussing about the agility of a company. Let’s take a look at them all...

For a healthy organization

1. System of Direction: basically, what this system places emphasis on is that there has to be a fertile relationship between the leadership and the staff members. Why you may ask? It is crucial to the development of such company as these people are the ones on the field. You must be ready to always listen to them and harness all the potentials they have got.
Therefore, in any agile business, you really must have a listening ear and never think of bossing these minds around. It won’t help the business to become agile. Always consider the positive interactions between the leadership and staff members germane when going agile.

2. System of Team: another important system that must be developed before a business can become agile is the system of team. Being team members, you always to give your very best to whatever the team is going after. A team of winning mentality is very important for agile business.
When you ensure all the staff members are enshrined in the system, that’s why they will feel they are indeed an important part of the organization and trust me, they will go an extra mile for the business to grow and remain sustainable.

3. System of Involvement: this system of involvement corroborates the system of team, but takes it further. Of course, a lot have been said about conflicting opinions about the leadership and staff members of many organizations but the truth is, in agile business, staff members must be carried along.
It’s disastrous to relegate them as they are in fact a major stakeholder in that establishment of yours, without which troubles may be imminent. They know the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day activities of the company as they are the ones who handle the deliveries of all the products that you produce.

4. System of Measurement: To ensure an agile business, financial measurements by both the leadership and staff members always must be done. How will they do this? It’s simple, once all the indicators towards the costs and profits making of the organizations are taken care of, then it’ll be easier to measure the finances.

Responsiveness to customer’s problems and speedy dealings with failures occurring internally are very important in monitoring finance daily.

The results
It suffices to state here that when the organization takes its time to build these fours systems mentioned above, there following results will be inevitable;
• Reduced conflicts
• Reduced complaints from staff and customers
• Reduced operational costs
• Increased sales
• Increased sales
• Increased profits
• Increased customer loyalty.

Above all, you’ll have a healthy organization that has got every needed energy and passion to work with you in the actualization of the company goals.

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