Why is it important you develop leaders in your organization?

Nowadays, in my many organizations, leadership development is a thing of the mouth. You tend to see managers talking about it but nothing concrete is being done to implement it. Sometimes, it becomes counterintuitive when you see how ineffective the system is and what managers are saying concerning the development of leaders in the company.

No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education.

And the organizations that are doing it only subject their employees to a-three-day workshop, seminar or conference. Some employees would even have to go for some programs on their own without the company supports. But the truth is, leadership development isn’t limited to this.
To ensure a thorough leadership development, the trainings have to be personal and close by. It requires time, considerable amount of resources and patience. To make this a successful venture for these leaders, you’ve got to also invest.

The leaderships of many organizations make the mistakes of believing great leaders will just emerge out of the blue and take the companies to the next level. In actual sense, many organizations today don’t take this leadership development serious.
Also, there are some organizations who only invest in persons the leaderships of the organizations know personally. This is a bad culture every enterprise should desist from as it may affect the growth of the business. This kind of selection often results in the organization not having a concrete succession plan.

But is the time spent and money invested in leadership development a waste or a boom to your organization? Well, you’ll find out if it’s worth it or not in the points mentioned below.

1. Leaders are scarce commodities as every organization is looking for one. If you’re not serious about giving leaders the trainings needed for them to up their talents and skills, they will leave your organization. Another company will hire them and give them the best of trainings you weren’t giving them. And that’s your loss.

2. Another reason why you should invest in leadership development is for the leaders to always deliver the best of results during campaigns. If you fail to do this, underperformance is certain and you know what that portends to your bottom line and sustainability?

3. Failure to put in the necessary resources and time to train these leaders will eventually weaken your organization. That’s it! There’s absolutely no cut corners about it as these leaders will leave and what happens? Followers also leave due to the bad culture of the enterprise.

From the foregoing, it can be deduced that leadership development is a must for every progressive organization. You sure want to make profits, scale the organization globally and ensure sustainability, then the little sacrifice is that you invest in leadership development

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