Why Kanban has beaten Scrum in the video games industry

The gaming industry has over the past decade become a multi-billion dollars industry and a lot of that is owed to the power and advantages that Kanban has to offer. According to gaming experts such as Clinton Keith who has worked in the development section of the industry for the past 15 years, Kanban has been used by virtually all gaming companies to slash their total production costs by over 50%. This is quite huge and it is all down to the advantage that Kanban offers.

Kanban provides predictability, transparency, and optimization

Kanban has been able to provide the gaming industry with predictability, transparency, and optimization, making it easier for complex game production to be handled without much stress or overspending on the budget. Kanban was introduced into the industry over a decade ago and the gaming industry quickly realized that even though it is very important that Scrum is implemented in the pre-production stage, using it in the production stage is a mistake and that Kanban was the perfect fit for the production stage of game development.
Scrum has been most effective when programmers are trying to work out what the fun part of the game was and which part wasn’t. The Scrum is also a perfect tool that will help you decide the right game for the market at each given time. Its other advantage is that it has a great filtering mechanism that will discard the ideas that aren’t great but keep coming up during the pre-production stage.

Kanban has been identified as perfect for the production stage due to the fact that over 75% of the budget allocated to a game is spent in the production stage. Kanban has an advantage over Scrum because of its unique ability to visualize both the process and the people that will work on it.

For each request, three stages are required and that means three different skilled technicians also. The first stage will involve the programmer who will handle the modeling. The modeler will then hands over the programmer who they builds the character and the audio technician will then add the necessary sound to complete the process.
Any lateness in the project is not immediately seen in the Scrum task board but Kanban has already gone through this and has made a calculation for it.

Kanban offers this visual transparency, allowing the project manager to deal with the absence (as and when it happens) and draw up a contingency plan. This will allow other professionals to have enough time to work on their project without going through a lot of stress.
These are some of the reasons why Kanban has been favored by most gaming companies.

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