Why You Need a Project Manager

Do you ever wonder why you need to hire a project manager for your project? There are a thousand reasons for this. we have summarized the eight most important points.

A good project manager knows what is needed

1. Professionalism: project managers are professionals in their field, having worked on several projects in times past. This gives them not only the needed skills but also professional competence to deliver as expected. A project manager is extensively diversified and has a mastery of several projects implementation.

2. Reduction of workload: hiring a project manager reduces workload on the client, saves time and resources. This is because after working out the objectives and design structure of the plan, the project manager will have to bring the resources together and get the work done. This allows the client focus on other engagements.

3. Project Managers are updated on latest trends and development. A client may not have sufficient grasp of the recent trends of a project, hiring a project manager will bring out the best in this. The project manager knows what is needed and should be put in place to make a suitable project.

4. Project Managers perform various functions that the client may not be able to do. Functions such as planning, coordinating, supervising, maintaining communication, budget planning, etc may be cumbersome for the client. This makes hiring a project manager imperative.

4. Risk management: the project manager reduces risks to the barest minimum. He knows what's needed and how to apply it. The Client may have little or no risk management skills, but the project manager is professionally trained to reduce financial and material risk.

5. Overall Management: in a project Implementation, the overall management lies in the hands of the project manager. He combines the human and material resources to achieve the desired results. Resource Management is an important skill and project managers are adequately equipped with it.

6. Maintaining communication among stakeholders: the project manager maintains effective communication among the client and team members to ensure everyone works in the general interest of the project. Maintaining the communication may be a huge tasks for the client especially when there are many stakeholders. However, the project manager leverages on this and communicates to everyone as and when due.

7. Efficiency and Effectiveness: efficiency and effectiveness has to do with doing the right things and getting a project done with optimal management of resources. The project manager knows the nooks and crannies of ensuring that these are achieved. Getting a project manager is an assurance that the project will not only be efficiently implemented, in addition, the resources will be put to effective utilization.

8. Accountability: in the execution of a project, the project manager is saddled with the tasks of maintaining credible accountability. This is because he knows he would give a report of what was used in the course of the project, how it was used and for whom it was used. The client can be assured of accountability on the part of the project manager.

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