Workplace organization: Kanban Cards and how it works.

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that your workplace is as organized as it can be. Organisation at the workplace will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will ultimately increase the productivity of the workers.

One of the methods of organizing a workplace is by using the Kanban card. Kanban card is used in production processes to ensure that everything works out excellently during and after the production stage. Kanban card allows workers to visualize their work and how they are supposed to carry it out. It also details when the work is supposed to be done.

How does this Kanban card work?

Kanban card is usually attached to the production units container and it will serve as an indicator to other workers as to what the customer wants. The visual endorsement will make it easy for the workers to work based on the order of the customer, thus filling customer order using the card. When the production unit comes to an end, the card is discarded back to the hanging file. Another card that states the next production instruction will be put in place so that all the workers will be able to work with that. The Kanban Card system has worked wonders due to the fact that it is very visual.

A software for Kanban card also exists. This is specifically done for those whose production is computer-based and not physical. The production and the materials used are followed using the barcodes and some electronic databases, which the system is heavily reliant on. As a manager, you can easily keep track of the progress right from your office or at any other location.

An ERP system also has an electronic model of Kanban. The electronic model is designed to work with a visual signal, alerting the management when more materials are needed to be produced or manufactured. This makes it easier for you to alert your suppliers as to when next materials are coming.

For large warehouses, the floor can be used to mark the locations where containers or other materials can be kept. Marking the floor makes it easier to track a good even in a large warehouse.

For Kanban card system to be fully implemented, a team that is functional and will check the work of others will be formed. The team will further be given the task of monitoring the implementation of the system and giving feedback to the team leader about the progress so far recorded.

Each employee should be made aware of the following points.

For everything to work smoothly in an organization, the Kanban has to be sustained for a very long time. Informal ways of doing things shouldn’t be adopted and discipline should be a habit that everyone has.

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