You Shouldn’t Do It All Alone

There are a ton of positions out there today that are demanding in terms of responsibilities. However, being a manager even comes with pockets of responsibilities such as organizing projects, solving problems, coaching, monitoring of finances and a lot more. This makes it challenging for every manager. And sometimes you find a manager trying to do all these tasks himself.

Never to do it all alone!

Though, some managers do this due to their sheer will and determination to raise the bar of the company deliverables. They feel it’s the best to do themselves rather than delegating some of these tasks to the employees you may not do these tasks properly.

But in all honesty, the best thing you can always do for yourself as a manager is never to do it all alone. It isn’t a wise risk to take at all as the prices for such action may be disastrous. You don’t want to seem like a super doer while destroying the image of the company.

Also, there are instant ill effects of trying to do it all by yourself. Some of which are;
• Damaged on and off-work relationships
• Compromised health
• Dependent organization

You should always consider delegating some of the tasks to the employees. This conscious effort will not only result into improved productivity but also ensure sustainability. It makes the employees feel they are part and parcel of the organization and they will always want to give their best.

When you delegate as a manager, it shows you’re a charismatic leader who leads by laying samples. You want to make sure everyone on the team is highly engaged and that’s what delegation does. Though, there’d come sometimes when as a manager you’ve got to take a stern decision of doing some tasks alone. Yes, sometimes as it’s clearer to you that it’s the only approach to solution. But in which case, always carry your team along in terms of communication at all time.

One of the mistakes leaders make nowadays is to stay silent during this time. It’s unprofessional and certainly not a good thing for any organization that want to compete effectively in the ever dynamic market. An employee is important, employees are crucial. If you treat them properly, you’ll see the results and if otherwise, you’ll regret it sooner or later.
In summary, never should you consider doing all the tasks alone as this may translate into unnecessary problems in the future. if you must do some tasks alone, communicate with you employees, let them know reasons behind such move. This further assures them you still care about them and that, you aren’t trying some hanky-panky games with them.

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