5 effective ways to gain credibility as a leader

5 Effective Ways to Gain Credibility as a leader

A leader is an individual who influences a group of people to achieve a goal. Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility, as everyone is looking up to them. Effective leaders are those who know how to function tactically and strategically as well as being able to lead their team towards a specific goal. Their efforts of good leaders are not directed at the mere achievement of personal benefits or for control; their goal is to make sure things happen! read more ...

Motivation an essential soft skill for successful project executionsdijciosdc

Motivation: An Essential Soft Skill for Successful Project Execution

If there is one skill every project manager must have, it’s got to be motivation. Proper project execution can’t be achieved without this skill. It’s a crucial soft skill that’s always in the toolkit of every project manager. Your guess is right, after all! Team members also need motivation and as a matter of fact, they have to carry along anytime, any day. Successful project execution doesn’t rest solely on how effective or motivated the team leader is, it’s a collective effort and without motivated team members, nothing is achievable. But the skill doesn’t appear any syllabus while studying at the university but in the present business space, it’s a well known currency every employee a... read more ...

How to delegate task effectively

How to Delegate Task Effectively

One effective way to increase the productivity of the team is by assigning the task to others. By sharing duties and responsibilities, this increases a certain form of collective intelligence. But are you ready to let go of some of your decision-making power? This is the real question. To delegate is to entrust a person with the achievement of a goal as well as the responsibilities that come along with it. This in no way corresponds to the fact of distributing tasks, that is to say, giving a task to someone. read more ...

Common mistakes to avoid as a project manager

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a Project Manager

As a Projectmanager you have to learn not to focus on the task itself but on the long-term goals and the satisfaction experienced once the project is finished on time. By focusing more on the results, you will certainly have more heart at work. read more ...

Common challenges encountered while implementing quality control

Common Challenges Encountered While Implementing Quality Control

It’s a common knowledge that managing the quality department of any organization involves the use of many approaches carefully wired together. These approaches go from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom, which also includes a careful consideration of the customers. But there are a ton of challenges that can limit effective quality assurance in any organization today. These setbacks are often intertwined, which means one can result in another in adequate care isn’t taken. This article seeks to talk about some of the common challenges that can derail the quest of an appropriate quality management. Sound interesting? Keep reading! read more ...

4 essential things that depicts you as a great leader

4 Essential Things That Depicts You as a Great Leader

Do you want to develop your leadership skill to attain the level of becoming a great leader? Then follow and demonstrate some qualities discussed in this write-up. As a great leader, you should always be willing to take the risk, face some challenges, and make some tough decisions, but all in all, they all together will make a positive impact in your career. read more ...

Ibqmi partners with u n department of economic and social affairs

IBQMI® Partners with U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs

IBQMI® Partners with U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs to Help Workers in Developing Countries Begin Building 21st Century Skills and Credentials.

Press release - CHEYENNE, Wyo., April 20, 2020 – The International Business and Quality Management Institute LLC (IBQMI® – https://www.ibqmi.org/) recently announced a beneficial partnership with the U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs to supply a total of $120,000 in scholarships to help workers in various developing nations. read more ...

Team building exercises and games for remote teams

Team-Building Exercises and Games for Remote Teams

Remote work was once considered a distant dream.
Employees fantasized about it.
Managers dreaded it.
Companies vetoed it.

But a global pandemic has transformed the way we live — and work. Today, 'Work-From-Home (WFH)' has emerged as a necessity for the sake of business continuity. While there are many perks of working from home, the challenges to WFH cannot be ignored. Be it the unforced procrastination, muddled communication, or the inability to keep remote team members engaged and help adapt them to the new work environment.

A recent report by Thrive Global¹ states that "Over 85% of the respondents said they wanted more help from their employers as they adap... read more ...

The different belt colours in lean six sigma and their roles

The Different Belt Colours in Lean Six Sigma and their Roles

There are different belt color in Lean Six Sigma and each one signifies a role that the holder has to play within an organization. Lean six sigma has been around for over 10 years now and has been helpful in services and distribution and also manufacturing. read more ...

How does total quality management tqm system works

How Does Total Quality Management (TQM) System Works?

There are many people who have defined what TQM is but the summary is, it is a technique adopted to instruct staff on how effective and improved performance can be achievable daily in an organization, presently and how such performance can remain sustainable. However, IBQMI® has updated and revived the Total Quality Management (TQM) framework to meet modern requirements. read more ...

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