Why ibqmi lean project management

Why IBQMI® Lean Project Management?

There is no denying the fact that organizations nowadays face fierce competition with big guns, which have created stable niches for themselves in the industry. Yes, no doubt about it! Sadly not only that, the environment where today’s businesses operate is highly turbulent. These and some other challenges put together have necessitated the private and public sectors for organizational accountability, which focus on effective and efficient operations. read more ...

The top 4 reasons small business give as excuses for not adopting project management

The top 4 Reasons Small Business Give as Excuses for Not Adopting Project Management

Running a small business anywhere in the world is not always easy at first, as there are necessary assignments you still have to take care of. The challenges of maintaining standardize current business processes so as to portray your business in good terms and the constant challenges of transforming your business operation in order to survive the industry and compete well in no joke at all.

read more ...

How can lean increase human resource s efficiency

How Can Lean Increase Human Resource’s Efficiency?

If you are current about the project management news, you will know that lean management has been in existence for a little while ago. However, unlike many other project management systems that help Human Resource (HR) in improving his efficiency, many people believe lean is lagging in that aspect. Let’s see if this belief is true or untrue. read more ...

What makes up a great project management system

What Makes Up a Great Project Management System?

It is no longer news that project management has become an integral part of every layer of today’s business. Irrespective of how the size of the organization is, project management is still crucial to getting things done. read more ...

Kanban and accounting firms

Kanban and Accounting Firms: What You Need to Know?

No one dares argue about the importance of the financial firms in the current age of strict laws and regulations guiding how businesses are run, at least not the business owners. Nowadays, accounting firms do a lot of rigorous works trying to keep the business owners within the four walls of business zones. In other words, one can say they are one of the strong pillars propping the fence of today’s business owners. read more ...

Four most helpful lean tools

Four Most Helpful Lean Tools

Are you still wondering how lean has recorded a lot of success in the present day’s market? The answer is not farfetched as lean is always looking for a way of improving production and efficiency. Its quest to find better ways of operation, which requires lesser effort, fewer resources, and lesser time, is what brought about lean tools. read more ...

How to  create a better development process with kanban and scrumban

How to Create a Better Development Process With Kanban and Scrumban

The software industry has seen many trends over the years and the most one is using agile methodologies. The agile approach is used to create a unique and hybrid approach to improve the process and achieve better results. The agile approach describes the common goals for the businesses which include interactions over processes, tools and individual values. Agile is the foundation for the two most popular methodologies Scrum and Kanban. read more ...

Certified lean project manager

Four Reasons Why traditional project management fails

The concept of project management has always been mined bugling, yet the necessity quite obvious. In order for a project to run efficiently as well as beat the constraint of time, taking care in planning, initiating, executing, controlling, and concluding the activities of the project is vital. read more ...

Approved kanban professional

Best Kanban Training Courses: Are Kanban Certifications Essential?

The spirit of Kanban started where you are and start with the small pragmatic, actionable steps that you will begin implementing the next Monday. No need to describe the new rules, no requirement to modify the team structure, no request for any drastic modifications in a way you build products and deliver services. read more ...

Certified kanban coach 2017

How your business can benefit from a Certified Kanban Coach®

We have all heard about using a holistic method to solving or remedying your health issues. Did you know there is a holistic approach you can use to improving your company’s health as well? read more ...

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