Benefits of ibqmi lean project management

The Benefits of sticking to the Certified Lean Project Manager® framework

Going through the Certified Lean Project Manager training and get the certificate can be a challenging part, using what you have learned and applying it to your projects is the hard part. Even with training, some project managers usually slide back to their old habits and forget what they have learned and thus wouldn’t apply it. read more ...

The two bin kanban system and how it works

The Two-Bin Kanban System and how it works

Kanban has been used for a long time now to manage production and several other things. It is also known that Kanban system can be used to improve lean manufacturing effort. One such way to achieve this is by using the Two-Bin Kanban system. When Kanban strategy is strong, it has the potential to reduce the cost of production and the time used in producing a good or delivering a service. The two-bin Kanban system from the beginning is built on visual signs so that we can be immediately notified the moment part of our inventory is running low. This will give us time to replenish it and thus the production process wouldn’t be delayed. read more ...

Five factors lean project management

Five Factors for successful Lean Project Management

The importance of Lean Project Management for businesses cannot be overemphasized. It has been responsible for successful projects at affordable rates and it helps companies save both time and money. Ensuring that Lean Project Management is a success in your firm isn’t an easy task. Attention has to be paid to the several areas that make up Lean Project Management before success can be guaranteed. read more ...

5 important team management tips

5 Important Team Management Tips

The main purpose of bringing people to work together is so that they can bond as a team and achieve greater success than when they are working individually. The bond created from teamwork will reflect in the overall productivity of that team and of the company in general. This is the most important thing to know if you want to become a team leader. read more ...

Project manager challenges

Five Challenges faced by Project Managers

The main work of a project manager is to ensure that difficult projects are handled and positive results are obtained. However, there are some things that can affect the work of a project manager, both internal and external factors. Let us look at the top 5 challenges that project managers face every day. read more ...

Implementation of kanban

Four Steps Required for the Implementation of Kanban to Improve Productivity

Kanban which is a technique that ensures efficient management of software development process can be successfully implemented in any business. Software development teams and IT project managers widely make use of Kanban system. The Kanban system is also used by other project teams and business managers to conduct smart work and streamline the business procedure. The Kanban system if successfully implemented in any business result in improved productivity. read more ...

Ibqmi lean business model

7 Steps you need in building a Lean Business Model

The lean business model is a strategy used by businesses. The strategy is usually to try to eliminate waste in production and processes while at the same time ensuring that the customer is fully satisfied. The business will be able to achieve several things such as an increase in sales and a good brand name. A lean business model has several facets that are designed to improve the business in several ways. Continuous improvement, total quality management, and just-in-time inventory systems are some of the processes involved and they help in improving the quality of your products and eliminating waste in all areas. read more ...

Top four project management methodologies

Top 4 project management methodologies

Project management is designed to make your projects run smoothly and successfully. However, project management doesn’t have just one methodology. Several methodologies have to be utilized perfectly at different times to ensure that a particular project ends up well. Before using any methodology, it is advised that you study it very well and determine how it will fit into your project. If it doesn’t fit into your project, then you should discard it and look into another one. read more ...

Kanban gaming industry scrum

Why Kanban has beaten Scrum in the video games industry

The gaming industry has over the past decade become a multi-billion dollars industry and a lot of that is owed to the power and advantages that Kanban has to offer. According to gaming experts such as Clinton Keith who has worked in the development section of the industry for the past 15 years, Kanban has been used by virtually all gaming companies to slash their total production costs by over 50%. This is quite huge and it is all down to the advantage that Kanban offers.

read more ...

Manage new team

What you need to know about managing a new team

Starting a new business or being given leadership responsibility isn’t that easy. It is even harder if the team you are to manage is a newly formed one. The challenges involved are more stressful and you will need to learn some things if you are to excel in such a role. read more ...

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