Nine reasons why strong management good for business

Nine reasons why a strong management team is good for your business

A successful business can always be attributed to the team behind it. We cannot deny the fact that revolutionary products or services offered by the biggest companies in the world are as a result of excellent teamwork. read more ...

Kanban and challenges it solves

Kanban and the challenges it can solve

Each company was established to be unique and that is how they are, either in terms of services or products offered or in terms of operations. What is most common in the market is the competition between companies that offer similar products or services and how each strives to become successful. Making this happen is however not an easy task. read more ...

Efficiency in team management

Efficiency in team management and how to achieve it.

In order for an organization to record success in all their activities, team management and employee efficiency will have to be taken care of at all times. If the results from the two sections are positive, then the impact will be felt in other aspects of the company and this will lead to an increased growth for the company. read more ...

The top nine agile techniques explained

The Top 9 Agile Techniques Explained

The lean manufacturing formula has been so popular due to the fact that it has several organizations identify the wastes that eat their customer value and reduces their profit. The lean approach has been designed to rest on the simple principles which indicate that value is defined through the eyes of your customer and that value should be channeled to the customer through processes which are always revised and improved upon. read more ...

Project management top 5 painpoints

Project and Team Management - The Top 5 Pain Points

Team Management is a massively demanding job. The work of the managers is to constantly coach their reps, assess territory success, update them on organizational changes, and develop business strategies. read more ...

Five most important leadership qualities

The five most Important Leadership Qualities

As a leader, you have been thrust with certain responsibilities and it all seems overwhelming to you. So many decisions lie on your shoulders. If the responsibilities are weighing down on you, then it is probably because you haven’t prepared for the position of leadership. read more ...

Ten methodologies to improve your team management skills

10 methodologies to improve your team management skills

As a small business owner, you must be very good at managing teams so that you can get the best from your employees and grow your business. This is very hard to do if you don’t have any prior management skills, but this article can help you with tips. read more ...


IBQMI® Offers Their ATP 40% Discount On Student Enrollment Fees

May 20, 2019- International Business And Quality Management Institute, IBQMI®, proudly announce they are giving their existing and new Accredited Training Partners (ATPs) up to 40% discount on student enrollment fees. Educational providers and training institutions can take full advantage of this new offer coupled with other industry leading benefits offered by IBQMI®.

read more ...

Ibqmi scrumban practitioner

Scrumban – Why you should try a different way to be Agile

We have all heard about using holistic methods to solve or remedy health issues. Did you know there is a holistic approach you can use to improving your company’s health as well? In this article we explain why you should try Scrumban and go for the IBQMI® Certified Scrumban Practitoner® qualification.

Keeping ahead of the competition in the business market has become an essential goal for companies. Many industries are saturated, and competition is not only becoming tougher but closer. A minute innovation or unique strategy can change the pace for your or... read more ...

Kanban stay organized

How Kanban can help you stay organized

Staying organized is one of the hardest things you can do. With so many lectures and papers to write, you wouldn’t have time to actually organize your schedules. Failure to do so will harm your academic chances while organizing yourself will give you a higher percentage of success. The first and most important thing to do is to know what Kanban is and how it will make you stay more organized. There are so many activities that you will need to organize in your day to day life and Kanban can help with that. Some of these activities might include, going to the library, studying for your economics test, writing an essay for your classes, studying in a group or several others. read more ...

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