Ibqmi lean business model

7 Steps you need in building a Lean Business Model

The lean business model is a strategy used by businesses. The strategy is usually to try to eliminate waste in production and processes while at the same time ensuring that the customer is fully satisfied. The business will be able to achieve several things such as an increase in sales and a good brand name. A lean business model has several facets that are designed to improve the business in several ways. Continuous improvement, total quality management, and just-in-time inventory systems are some of the processes involved and they help in improving the quality of your products and eliminating waste in all areas. read more ...

Top four project management methodologies

Top 4 project management methodologies

Project management is designed to make your projects run smoothly and successfully. However, project management doesn’t have just one methodology. Several methodologies have to be utilized perfectly at different times to ensure that a particular project ends up well. Before using any methodology, it is advised that you study it very well and determine how it will fit into your project. If it doesn’t fit into your project, then you should discard it and look into another one. read more ...

Kanban gaming industry scrum

Why Kanban has beaten Scrum in the video games industry

The gaming industry has over the past decade become a multi-billion dollars industry and a lot of that is owed to the power and advantages that Kanban has to offer. According to gaming experts such as Clinton Keith who has worked in the development section of the industry for the past 15 years, Kanban has been used by virtually all gaming companies to slash their total production costs by over 50%. This is quite huge and it is all down to the advantage that Kanban offers.

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Manage new team

What you need to know about managing a new team

Starting a new business or being given leadership responsibility isn’t that easy. It is even harder if the team you are to manage is a newly formed one. The challenges involved are more stressful and you will need to learn some things if you are to excel in such a role. read more ...

Kanban card

Workplace organization: Kanban Cards and how it works.

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure that your workplace is as organized as it can be. Organisation at the workplace will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will ultimately increase the productivity of the workers.

One of the methods of organizing a workplace is by using the Kanban card. Kanban card is used in production processes to ensure that everything works out excellently during and after the production stage. Kanban card allows workers to visualize their work and how they are supposed to carry it out. It also details when the work is supposed to be done.

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Bad management fail

How a bad team manager can affect the productivity level of your employees

Hard as it may be to accept, most of the problem associated with production at a company or business can be traced back to bad management. Management is the soul of the business. If the management is good, then the productivity level and efficiency of the employees increase and if the management is bad, the opposite will be the case. It is therefore very important that you understand the risks of bad management and plan on how to avoid it. read more ...

Six types kanban

Six Types of Kanban explained

A number of different types of cards are used in most Kanban systems utilized in organizations. Kanban is not a fixed methodology it it has no ownership like Six Sigma. This is the reason why it can actually mean a few different things. On top of this, the term can be used in a number of different contexts, so it could mean different things to different people. The major types are explained in this article. read more ...

Best practices project man

The Top Five Best Practices for successful Project Management

Managing a project can be a very daunting task. Whatever the project is, you will need to use some project management techniques in order to succeed. You can only apply them if you know the best practices that will help you succeed. This article will discuss the best practices in project management. read more ...

10 leadership tips

10 Leadership Tips You Should Pay Attention

Are you struggling to effectively lead your team towards achieving your goals? Have you found it very hard motivating them to reach for even greater heights? There are several tips to help you overcome that and make you an effective leader in any type of team you find yourself in. read more ...

Five essential kanban software

The five essential Online Kanban Software tools

We are all familiar with the traditional Kanban system where cards are set up on boards. We label what piece of work the cards represent on the board and we know just how much work is needed and when the work is due. We can also use the Kanban for IT project portfolio management — with big tech companies around the world, like Google, PayPal, and others using it on a regular basis.

Kanban system for IT related jobs quite differ from the normal Kanban systems. They require more than just white board and cards with notes. There are project management softwares that are designed to support Kanban in the cloud.

If you are interested in having softwares that will help you wi... read more ...

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